About Me

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I am addicted to challenges. I long for orderliness and normality. Yet fall for any challenge. The only thing I love more are neat solutions. I happened to be in e-commerce since my first serious project during high school. I grew up with challenges and got rewarded with even more interesting challenges — from multiple warehouses to fully automated individualised perfume production.

My expertise

Stuff I have a knack for

Team Building

Good talent is hard to find and harder to retain. My track record is a dozen of developers from abroad with a lead time of two months and no turnover within 18 months.

Product Development Methods

Kanban or can not. Establishing development methodologies is time and energy consuming yet crucial for efficiency and productivity of the team.

Review & Forensics

I am a fire fighter. Good knowledge of the technology stack, a healthy intuition and rich monitoring systems are key to solve any problem.

Backend Development

Regardless of how managerial my role is, I stay hands-on. I enjoy backend development as it comes with more interesting, occasionally catastrophic challenges.

Automation & Integrations

is awesome — a few minutes of it can save days of manual work. I have integrated a lot — from ERP systems to a 63-meter-long fragrance machine.

Service-Oriented Architecture

Monolithic platforms are usually good to bootstrap companies yet a nightmare to scale. SOA is a proper alternative. Success lies in a clever migration plan.

My Career

Companies I work(ed) for in my career — check LinkedIn for details
  • LoveCrafts
  • LoveKnitting
  • LoveCrochet
  • Koding
  • Rocket Internet
  • Middle East Internet Group
  • Namshi
  • Mizado
  • Evimister
  • Sporena
  • Kanui
  • Network World Alliance